From La Poste du Louvre to Hotel Madame Rêve

Located in the heart of historic Paris, the hotel Madame Rêve, opened in October 2021, has been established within an exceptional and iconic building : the Louvre Post Office. A unique renovation project lasting several years was necessary to allow the creation of hotel Madame Rêve that offers rooms with the most atypical views of the capital.

La Poste du Louvre

The Louvre Post Office : Industrial to urban

Inaugurated on July 14, 1888, the Hotel des Postes de Paris was a symbol of Paris’s new city center at the time. Built in the heart of the Halles district, which was completely renovated during the Second Empire, and located just a step away from the most beautiful monuments, the new Louvre Post Office quickly became a central building and a key element in the modernization of Paris.

The architect Jules Guadet wanted it to be innovative, and to do so, he introduced an ecological dimension to the project, a premise for today’s challenges. The stone facade contributes to the thermal inertia of the building, the horse manure was reused in the pulsating heating system and the large glass roof allowed natural light to enter the building to limit electricity consumption.

The Louvre Post Office remained in operation until 2009, when the decision was made to modernize the building and make it accessible to the public. Laurent Taïeb took on the project and worked to make a dream come true : the opening of a hotel. Nine years of work were required to revive this Parisian icon by adding to its heart a luxury hotel.

Hotel Madame Rêve, an open-air luxury experience

In the heart of the historic building of the Louvre Post Office, hotel Madame Rêve officially opened in October 2021. The establishment consists of 82 rooms and suites, with most of them offering an atypical view of Paris. Each room has unique and contemporary decorations that pay tribute to the building’s history through discreet details such as mail art, carpeting, or postcards in the rooms. Two restaurants are also included in the hotel. The first, Kitchen by Stéphanie Le Quellec, is located on the first floor in the former mail processing room of the Louvre Post Office and is distinguished by its eight-meter-high ceiling. The second, La Plume, located on the penultimate floor of the hotel, has an astonishing panoramic view of the Saint-Eustache church and overlooks the Parisian Rooftops. Finally, the rooftop of the Louvre Post Office offers a 360° view of all the capital’s monuments: the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacré Coeur, Saint-Eustache Church, Montparnasse Tower, Pompidou Center, the view that unfolds before your eyes is breathtaking.

The Louvre Post Office, a lively and environmentally conscious place

Laurent Taïeb’s vision of the luxury hotel industry is decidedly future-oriented and influenced his decisions regarding the conception of the space, the interior design, and the atmosphere of the hotel. In the eyes of the entrepreneur, it was important not to alter the original building with its interconnections, four-street layout, ecological vision and living spirit. Three entrances were this designed and dedicated to the different spaces of the hotel. The first access is on rue du Louvre, the main entrance to hotel Madame Rêve. The second entrance, on rue Etienne Marcel, leads to the panoramic restaurant La Plume located on the roof of the Louvre Post Office. Finally, the Cour Gutenberg entrance leads to Kitchen by Stéphanie Le Quellec. In terms of environmental responsibility, solar panels have been added to the roof structure and provide 50% of the hot water production for the building. Finally, three distinct atmospheres have been incorporated into the hotel to offer all Parisians a haven in the heart of this vibrant neighborhood. The soothing tranquility of the hotel contrasts with the lively atmosphere of the restaurant La Plume and the cozy and sensual ambiance of Kitchen by Stéphanie Le Quellec. The hotel Madame Rêve unveils itself as a true gem of classical architecture, as if it had always existed.